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Entertainment Industry Fundamentals

Navigating a Career in Entertainment

Meet Your Instructors:

Chris Allport is an award winning director, producer, and music composer.  Joe Solo is a multi-platinum record producer with over 25 years of success in the music industry.  Andre Marcel is an Emmy Award winning Producer and Publicist.  Michelle Koshman is Executive Producer for the Young Artist Academy Awards.  Dale Resteghini is a music video and film director and record producer, who has helmed hundreds of videos for global superstars.  Jules Wood is a world renown fashion stylist who has worked around the globe with a multitude of magazines and celebrities. 

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Navigating a career in Entertainment without guidance is like climbing the highest mountain alone without a plan. There are basic skills and insights you need!  Are there secret shortcuts?  How can I access decision makers?  What about representation?  Get coached on networking, industry culture, and other strategies to win fans, get contracts, make money, and jump-start your success!

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Join Hollywood Creative Academy and learn a variety of skills from experienced professionals responsible for some of your favorite music, fashion, film and TV, and interactive digital experiences. 

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