Joe Solo | 苏特立


Joe Solo is a multi-platinum record producer with over 25 years of success in the music industry, CEO of Joe Solo Music + Entertainment, and founder of Music Success Workshop.

Joe discovered, developed, and produced Grammy-winner Macy Gray (with over 26 million records sold), and has worked with Michael Jackson, Fergie,, Quincy Jones, Universal, Sony, Apple, and many major record labels, television, and movie studios.

Known worldwide for coaching and inspiring thousands of emerging musicians, songwriters, composers, artists, bands, producers, DJs, and rising industry executives, Solo’s mission is to help people attain their music dream.

Solo launched his “Make It BIG in a Box” product, which includes an hour one-on-one career consultation, five of live speaking engagements, hot tips, and many useful tools and strategies for music success.

Solo is currently writing a book on how to break though in the music industry, and developing a TV show about how he cultivates artists “for the big time” while simultaneously making their actual record. Solo’s global reach and impact on the art of Music is indelible and lasting.