Steve Ecclesine

will train you for success in Independent Film Production.

Steve Ecclesine authored the book, So You Wanna Be A Producer? now being used in film schools around the USA.

Steve’s most recent productions, Justin Bieber’s 2020 Dance Videos on YouTube have received 60 million views in three months.

Chasing Happiness: Jonas Brothers
can be seen on Amazon Prime.

Watch on Prime VIdeo

Demi Lovato: My Truth is a documentary for Google/ YouTube that follows Demi through 20 concerts in 30 days.

Steve’s first Hollywood job was as assistant film editor to Roger & Gene Corman on The Slams.

This led to 2 1/2 years stint as Orson Welles’s film editor on The Other Side of The Wind that premiered last year on Netflix.

Steve Ecclesine was the second American to produce an American TV series in Vancouver: Airwolf for Universal/USA Network.

A decade later, I produced the pilot and first season of the very successful Sliders TV series for FOX in Vancouver.

Other TV Credits include producing Mantis for Sam Raimi’s Renaissance Productions/ FOX; Scruples, a one-hour pilot for WB/ABC; The Amazing Live Sea Monkeys for Howie Mandel/CBS Saturday Morning; Slamball for Tollin-Robbins/ Spike TV and Black Sash for Tollin-Robbins/ CW; and Pacific Blue for USA Network.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands: War Within the Cartel, for Ubisoft that premiered on Amazon Prime.

I also produced five original Creature Features movies for HBO/Screen Gems: She Creature, Day the World Ended, How to Make a Monster, Earth vs. The Spider, and Teenage Caveman, with creatures by Academy Award winner Stan Winston. There were a trio of films for Warner Home Video: Rest Stop II, Otis, and Alien Raiders. and for Odd Lot Entertainment Organyzm and Unwanted: Dead or Alive. The family film Space Warriors was produced in Huntsville Alabama. Zburbs is a micro-budget zombie comedy being distributed by Indican.